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    [OPEN RP] Marketplace Shenanigans


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    [OPEN RP] Marketplace Shenanigans

    Post by jyuchii on Wed Nov 23, 2016 7:32 pm

    To be honest, Dai didn't do much with his life. He spent most of his time during the day in the marketplace selling herbs and medicines he had created himself. He had his own stand and small shop that people would come to. He sold everything from medicines, to pain killers, and even some herbal tea. He was an expert, known quite well around the Hadeyra marketplace for having affordable prices and quality herbs. 

    Currently, he was sorting herbs into small jars, identifying which was which by smelling them and feeling them since he was completely blind. He spoke to customers in his same stoic and monotone voice, giving them the things they wanted and putting their Casenian coins away in his pouch.


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